We don't work alone. In every area that Bytes operates in, we work alongside partner organisations to ensure that we offer a broad range of services and reach out to as many young people as possible. Co-operating with other charities and with community groups & organisations allows us to have a greater impact than if we worked alone. 

Bytes has links with organisations such as the Youth Action, Simon Community, MACS and Youth Justice across Northern Ireland. The Big Lottery Foundation and governmental funding allow us to continue our work, while business organisations including PWC and Santander provide additional corporate funding for our projects.

In Derry/Londonderry we work with Inner City Trust, who are responsible for our newly renovated centre there. Currently, all of our work in the North West region is carried out as part of the Peace Bytes programme, funded by European Union Peace IV, managed by the SEUPB.

Working with up and coming social enterprises and charities, such as Kippie, Bounce and The Hummingbird Project, allows us to incorporate new technology and youth work methodologies into our work. Meanwhile, we have partnerships with social action groups such as The Rainbow Project and Cara Friend NI to ensure that our work is inclusive and that we can provide a safe space to all the young people we work with. 

Cross-border partnerships with organisations such as the Moville Family Resource Centre and the Irish Government are also important for our work in Donegal and other border regions.

Past partners include, Google and Apple. 

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