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Bytes goes to Dublin for the #ThankYouFund

It was a 6.30 start for a group of young people from Maghera, who travelled down to Dublin with Bytes Project staff to take part in the Coca Cola Thank You Fund, pitching for support for our new Plastic Planet programme.

Plastic Planet is an environmental advocacy initiative, designed to educate young people in Northern Ireland on sustainability and empower them to take action on their own terms. The programme's name comes from its initial focus, on the long term environmental impact of plastic use and pollution, which is part of our everyday lives.

Young people from Maghera and Bytes staff on the 8am train to Dublin to present their funding pitch...

After some last minute revision on the train, the Bytes group arrived in Dublin in good time and had a chance to explore the city centre a little before heading in to pitch. After an introduction to the project from Pete Batey, Bytes Programme Lead, and Youth Worker Clodagh O'Connell, each of the young people spoke about their involvement in the planning of the programme and what activities they would be looking forward to taking part in, should the programme be funded

And they're done! Post-presentation photo before heading on home.

After the pitch, there was time to stop off in Penny's before the long journey home. All of the young people were brilliant presenters and enthusiastic advocates for the programme, and we are thrilled that they were all able to get involved in the process. Hopefully they'll all be involved in the programme itself soon enough!

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