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The Girl Code programme continues in Maghera

This week our Girl Code programme, teaching girls basic coding skills and introducing them to creative technology, continued with two days of sessions at Maghera Cross Community Link.

Our latest group of participants had a timetable of sessions that took what would normally be six weeks of after school activities, and condensed this into two days of work, forming a mini summer scheme for the participants to take part in.

Teambuilding and icebreaker exercises - including a challenge involving building a structure from dried pasta and marshmallows - were followed by an introduction to basic coding via Scratch. The group also took part in design activities, eventually building structures in Minecraft. Finally, they moved on to basic green screen use and filming themselves using iPads, having previously planned their work in groups using pen and paper.

A lot of fun was had by all, and it was an eye opening experience for us as well, having never run the Girl Code programme as a school holiday club before. We certainly learnt a lot.

You can see a few photos from the session below.

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