The Bytes Approach - inspiring young change makers to hack their world for good

The Bytes Approach

At Bytes, our aim is to inspire young people and give them both the confidence and skills they need to change the world around them for the better. To do this we combine technology, youth work, formal training & qualifications, personal mentoring and long term support, for young people of all backgrounds. 


Since our foundation, we have used technology to reach out to young people, to bring them together and  to provide them with new skills and experiences. Whether through the creation of short films or an introduction to coding in a group setting, we aim to engage young people with tech in a creative space that helps develop wider skills. 


We offer accredited OCN qualifications in a wide range of subjects to the young people who take part in our projects. We also help young people with other qualifications and assessments, such as gaining CSR cards or preparing for a driving test. 

Everyday Support

Our youth workers support young people as they learn and develop. This continuing support and guidance takes the form of everything from meeting up with a young person for a coffee to check in, through to helping with CVs and accompanying them to important appointments or meetings. These 'soft outcomes' are often less immediately apparent to outside observers, but are a crucial part of a young person's development.


Many of our programmes operate on an intentionally cross-community basis and we are committed to creating an inclusive, safe space where young people can form new friendships. This commitment is particularly important on our PEACE IV funded projects, which involve peace building and community relations alongside personal development for the young people involved.

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